Richard Duquette

Fiction and Documentary Film Festivals
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Fiction and Documentary Film Festivals

A film is an incredible human adventure travel with these creations helps meet the creators of these films and documentaries, talk with them about their work and learn from each other by our experiences.


Whenever possible, I go to the various festivals where films I participated are presented. From Cannes to Toronto via various festivals in Quebec and the eastern United States.


An art constantly changing!

Cast a critical eye on his art and learn from others is a way to move forward and not to fall into disuse. This is browsing the screening rooms of various festivals and taking the time to visit the various markets of the movie we face styles, ways of doing, as well as designers who impress by their talent.

The clash of ideas, visions and styles, helps push  techniques and creativity far beyond the comfort zone. For me meeting creators, it’s also a source of satisfaction that can be disorienting at first, but which subsequently allows me to push my creativity and skills much further.

Festivals that have presented some of my works

The Cannes International Film Festival (French: Le Festival International du Film de Cannes or just Festival de Cannes) is an annual film festival held in Cannes, France, which previews new films of all genres, including documentaries, from around the world. Founded in 1946, it is one of the most prestigious and publicised film festivals in the world. The invitation-only festival is held annually (usually in May) at the Palais des Festivals et des Congrès.

The Oaxaca FilmFest is an eight-days long film festival held every autumn in the colonial Mexican city of Oaxaca since 2010. The festival is composed of various categories and offers a large space in its selection to emerging directors and scriptwriters. After only three years since being founded, the festival has been listed by Movie Maker Magazine as one of the most attractive festivals for 2013 (Top 50 Festivals Worth the Entry Fee, Annual List), which contributes to making it one of the most important film festival in Latin America.

The Rhode Island International Film Festival has secured its place in the global community as the portal for the best in international independent cinema; earning the respect of domestic and foreign filmmakers, filmgoers and trend watchers. This confluence of art and commerce brought together world-class celebrities, award-winning filmmakers, new talent and audience members. Ranked as one of the top 12 Festivals in the United States, RIIFF is also a qualifying festival for the Short Film Academy Award through its affiliation with the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences. It is the only festival in New England with this accolade.

Dès sa première édition en 1997, il a été le foyer d’une créativité vivante, révélant au grand public des cinéastes qui jusque là n’avaient connu qu’une diffusion quasi confidentielle. Indéniablement, le Festival Vitesse Lumière a ouvert grandes les œillères et a permis de plonger dans un monde original comme nul autre événement cinématographique n’avait su le faire auparavant au Québec. Cette originalité découle d’un mariage simple et inusité; d’une part, l’identité Québécoise exprimée selon des factures inspirées de la bande dessinée, d’Elvis Gratton ou de RBO. D’autre part, les genres de fantastique et de science-fiction. Au fur et à mesure que se succédaient les éditions, VL fut confronté à un constat. Par les foules qu’il savait attirer, il répondait à un besoin de fantaisie et d’évasion! À Québec, né comme le festival d’un genre, Vitesse Lumière est devenu le festival d’une génération.

Depuis sa fondation en 1996, le Festival international de films Fantasia est maintenant reconnu comme le plus grand et plus influent festival de sa catégorie en Amérique du Nord, une référence majeure sur la scène internationale du cinéma de genre et l’un des évènements cinématographique les plus courus au pays. Avec une programmation diversifiée, privilégiant le cinéma de l’imaginaire provenant d’Asie, d’Europe et des Amériques, Fantasia offre un éventail de films allant de visions d’auteurs percutantes aux films populaires rarement vus en Amérique du Nord..

Every November, Los Cabos, one of Mexico´s most beautiful destinations, hosts a forum for dialogue and collaboration between Mexican cinema and its North American cultural commercial partners. Los Cabos International Film Festival, is an event dedicated to the shared vision of this multicultural and vibrant region that brings international audiences bold, reflective and inspiring films year after year. Every November, strategic partners from Mexico, USA, Canada and friends from around the world will jointly build a platform for cultural and business exchange in the cinema field in this wonderful Baja California Sur location.