Richard Duquette

Demo Reel | Cinematographer- short and Feature, documentary
Richard Duquette, DOP based in Montreal, quebec, canada. Specialize in Documentary, fiction and advertising video.
director of photography
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Director of photography

Fiction is the reality of the mind



Determined director or introverted filmmaker , as a director of photography, i adapt my eyes and the expression of the image that everyone is looking for. Drama and passion, humor and derision, diversity of ideas there is a multitude of possibilities for lighting. My multiple influences promote a coherent and authentic work depending on the artists and their imagination


I started with documentary 10 years ago, the encounters across the regions and on various continents have given me a lot of know-how and contacts. The proximity has inspired me to convey the aspects of investigation and society in a documentary series on the beautiful province and several other international reportages. Mystical or educational, I’m particularly interested in this audiovisual category.

Find the picture where it is

As a DOP, I always try to create the best image possible, the most suitable and one that is about the subject. This is also why I like to mix the purely technical film when I’m working on a documentary, this method optimizes stronger images, without forgetting the subtlety and spontaneity of documentaries, often more revealing of the moment.



My passion allows me to participate in business plans. Stimulate employees and customers for various brands, both internally and as advertisement. Always innovating, I propose frameworks and colors designed to perfectly suit a brand, thereby creating an enthusiastic  approach and visibility of a company

"Generous, versatile and efficient, Richard contributes regularly to our productions. His involvement always results in a high quality work. With him, there are only solutions."

Martin Ulrich, Producer

"Richard Duquette is an audacious, working cinematographer and who is not afraid of taking risks. He is an exemplary collaborator always giving his 200 % for exceptional results. Its implication and commitment in a project goes beyond the image and that's why I count on him for the success of my movies."

Patricia Chica, Film-maker

"this time around, the atmosphere is much more developed, with colour and imagery akin to watching a living painting - Serpent's Lullaby"

Tomer Shavit - CultMTL

"Excellent - Doesn't get any better"

Danny Rosser

"Serpent's Lullaby : This film is ideal for its length, beauty, and technical excellence!"

Kirsten | Rogue Cinema