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Montreal Girls | Richard Duquette - Directeur Photo |
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Montreal Girls

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Dans l’incertitude du printemps arabe, Basil, un étudiant en médecine est envoyé vivre à Montréal avec son oncle, par un père strict, après avoir remporté une bourse d’études à l’Université McGill. Lorsque son délinquant cousin Tamer lui présente la vie nocturne du Plateau et du Mile-End, s’imprègnant de la scène musicale hardcore, rockabilly et fétichiste, les obsessions du jeune étudiant prennent le relais, mettant en danger son statut et son futur.

Patricia Chica


Born in El Salvador and raised in Montreal, Canada, Patricia Chicais a Canadian multiple award-winning director, producer and editor with over 50 hours of content under her belt. 

Los Angeles

Silvatar Media

Maison de production

Silvatar Media is a motion picture production company focused on creating and independently producing studio quality feature films that appeal to a global audience and that utilize the most advanced technologies in production and distribution. The company was founded in 2008 by Scott C. Silver and Chady Eli Mattar, both graduates from the prestigious American Film Institute.

​Silvatar Media has developed a revolutionary formula that gives the company the ability to produce “Studio” quality films at “Indie” budgets.  Silvatar Media has identified many of the variables that make films excessively costly as well as key risk factors involved in the selection of a project.  Utilizing this information, selecting projects is not just about reading a script, but more importantly analyzing the variables to understand whether or not a movie will be a success.